Dvd-rom or cdrw drive?

I am buying an optorite dvdrw±(0203), which one should i replace, my DVD-ROM Drive (12x read, NEC) or CDRW Drive (52x24x52, 2-sheep, also optorite cw5205)? I have room for two only.

this is a hard choice for anyone but urself to make considering that u didn’t mention what ur habits are at all. however, keeping the dvd-rom drive will allow u to copy dvds on the fly (assuming it’ll read fast enough and css encryption doesn’t get in the way), which is one advantage to keeping that. i don’t know what the cd writing speeds of the 0203 are, but i’m fairly sure it won’t write as fast as 52x, so if u burn enough cds to warrant needing the faster write times of the cd burner, u may want to keep that.

I think what I would like to know is does my dvd-rom drive or cd-rw drive will function differently than dvdrw drive as far as backing up my data and dvd’s goes. I really don’t care about speed as I only burn 24xMax for compatibility issues as anything faster won’t read on older or even newer equipments. I like to back up my son’s dvd’s and cd-roms as well, I guess , I am stuck in middle…