DVD Rom or CD Rom Reader to pass protection



Okay I have been looking for a DVD or CD Rom that I can place in an external enclosure that will let me play my backed up games. I have one machine that I use that has software and a plextor premium to back my games up. The other machines I just want to play without any emulation software on them. The games I am backing up are on CD. Any current Roms out there that can do this?

My 166S in the enclosure works great, but I cannot seem to find another one to build a second enclosure for my second PC


Liteon 167T if you could find it,is a very good choice!


Just ordered a 167T, if this works I’ll be happy.


I have just checked my order and though I ordered a 167T it looks like they may have shipped me a 16p9s. How is this drive at reading backups. I have a 161PS I believe and it is absolutely horrible at ripping dvds and reading backups. It even chokes on reading the originals.

I ordered it from Clubit.com, anyone have any dealings with them?


Well received my order today and guess what, it was a 16P1, not a 167T as advertised on their site. The irony is that this is the exaxt same model I was going to replace, as it is probably the worst one that I have used.