DVD-ROM "OEM DVD-7T16" flashed to "LITE-ON LTR-167t"?

Hi, everyone!

I’ve just bought new DVD-ROM drive for which I tought it is LITE-ON 167t, but when I installed it, I saw that it’s reported just as “DVD-7T16” dvd rom device /without LITE-ON prefix. After a long search on the net I came to conclusion that it is an OEM version of LITE-ON 167t drive, probably the 4KUS brand. :rolleyes:

Simple question need simple answer: (Yes/No)
Is it safe to upgrade original Codeguys patched_firmware for genuine LiteOn 167t drive found here 167T.9S19.patched-rs or not? I don’t wish to screw up a brand new drive. :confused:

edit: I forget to say that current official FW is 9SG6 (= 4KUS model DVD-7T16 dvd rom).

Thx for answers & Happy Holidays :smiley:

Yes, it is safe to use Liteon firmwares and patched firmwares for the SOHD-167T on your OEM drive.

Thank you for a quick reply dhc014!

In the meantime I just remembered one more (important) thing. I already own LITE-ON LDW-832s, and I know that if I want to reverse to an official FW (if something goes wrong or i am not happy with) I will use FlashFix utility from CDFreaks forum.

But, when I tried to “fix” an official 9SG6 firmware from DVD ROM above; FlashFix simply reports an “serious” error and it can’t make reversible version. Is it because I used too old FlashFix revision (v or it’s something else?

Cheers !

Yup, FlashFix was toooo old, I’ve just downloaded newer version & it “fixed” it fine.

Cheers :slight_smile: