DVD rom in your opinion

to you, among this dvd rom brand which one is better in just reading for movie playback
especially aopen and benq as ieard that is doing well in reading

Regular movie playback is a simple task for any DVD-ROM. What are you looking for, a quiet DVD-ROM, a tolerant DVD-ROM if scratches come about on a disc, by stating a specifi goal(s) you can get more helpful feedback from members here on the baord.

For movie playback alone, if a noisy DVD-ROM isn’t an issue, I would get a generic name brand and save as much money as I can by buying the cheapest thing out there.

I currently own a Lite-on, and its a very tolerable reader, scratches and such. Toshiba’s for example a very picky readers.

The Lite-on however from time to time spins up some and is considered low-moderately noisy.

Please expand in description on what you are looking for.

If you can (still) get it go for: Lite-On 166S! :iagree:

Or even better, its replacement, the LiteOn 167, which is reputed to have better error and jitter correction.