DVD-ROM identifying software

Hi, I just bought a I/O Magic IDVD16DD burner. I’ve read that some versions are BenQ and some are crap. So how do I find out if I have the good one? I already installed it, and Alcohol 120 only recognize it as DVDRW IDE 16X, but doesn’t know it’s brand. Please help, thanks.

its a rebadged BTC 1016IM , BTC are known for making bad quality drives and having major longtivity issues also they stopped making dvd burners few months ago , anyway have a look at the BTC Forum you might find quality scans and various expirences on longtivity , as for the drive identification does it identify the same in bios? if so then theres nothing wrong with it

I meant identification as in I want to make sure it’s a BenQ or BTC. So it looks like I’ll be returning it, if it’s BTC. Thanks for the reply.