Dvd-rom Help


I have bought a complete computer with following burner and dvd :

The Burner was/is a Sony CRX-210E1. I have update/overclocked
the drive from 48R/12RW/48W to 52R/24RW/52R.
The firmware was from here : http://kickme.to/digitri ( Many THX )

Now to my prob :wink: : I don´t know what kind of DVD-ROM I have.
When I start my PC the only info I can get a boot is : IDE DVD-ROM 16X
In WinXP the Info is the same I can´t recognise the model or manufacturer of this drive !!!
In some test on other websites the model of the DVD-ROM was mentioned as JLMS LTD-165H . I have tried to update with the normal Update-Exe fiel from LiteOn but it didn´t worked.
Also I have tried it with MtkFlash V1.48 and V1.55 and a bin-file.
Whe I try to backup the Drive-Firmware with mtkflash
I use the option mtkflash 3 R /B /M XXXXX.bin (XXX = Name ) mtkflash is starting but nothing elses happens.
Mtkflash can´t read out the firmware !!!
So I thought if it even can´t read out the firmware the flash
would also go bad !

I need a prog. that can recognise the hardware or the drive model, or somone who has the same system an did a update flash for the DVD-ROM.

Many THX in advance :wink:

BTW: hardware config. from PC-System :

PC Model is : Titanium MD 8000 XL

  • scroll down a littel bit to see the hardware list -

Update :

Info from the DVD-ROM drive cover :

Model NO : DHI - G40
Version : 2.3
Frmware : 3.10*

Update :

Looks like it is an Artec DVD no LiteOn :frowning:

Info www.google.com

You answered your own question, it’s not a LiteOn (JLMS)


Nice of you to mention my site, only I definitely have no firmwares for Sony CRX210-E1, or for any cdrw - for that matter. So I really don’t think you got that one from me…

Now that I see this post, I understand why I received request tonight for firmwares to overclock that Sony :stuck_out_tongue:

But hey, if you tell me where it really was you got it from, I can pass that info to that dude who needs it. Who knows, some good might still come out of this little confusion :wink:


Hi Mango,

I´m really sorry for this mistake :frowning:
I hope you haven´t to much mails or pm. (SPAM)

The correct website is : http://kickme.to/sony210

( THX to the owner of this website too )


No prob m8, quite understandable… :slight_smile: