Dvd-Rom help



Ummmm, first off I guess I’ll give my specs.

Firmware version: 0019
Vendor Specific: 0BDCA 03/09/05
Extra info: None

Dvd rom device
Dvd region status: Lock Detected
Region setting status: Set
User changes left: 4
Manufactor resets left: 4
Current region set: 1
Read spead: 40x
Write spead: n/a

Now onto the problem. Whenever I put a disk in the drive (of any kind, cds, dvds, cd-r, ect…) the only thing that happens is the read light comes on and stays on for a minute or two then goes back off. It’s like it can’t read at all. I don’t get any error messages either. The mouse gets an cd icon beside it for a second or two but then goes away. It went cray without any warning at all. One day it was fine, then the next, nothing. What do I do?

Any help would be great.


Sounds like your Autorun is turned off. Can you try going to: Start>Run>(Type)D:>OK and see if the disc runs. Conversly you can hit Windows button and ‘E’ and see if explorer recognises anything under your D: Drive. (or whatever letter its under)


I’m sorry if I didn’t explain it right. It’s not autorun, I turned that off on purpose. I didn’t mean that when I put in a disk autorun doesn’t work, I meant the drive doesn’t recognize there’s a disk in it. If I right click the drive and click explore, if the light is on my comp will freeze until the light goes off, and if I do it after the light goes off, the window comes up blank. It’s like the drive trys and trys but it can’t recognize there’s a disk in the drive, and eventually gives up. And like I said it’s that way with ALL disks of anykind.


How old is your DVD-Rom drive? Maybe it just crapped out. Especially since you haven’t made any changes to anything. Will it not read any CD or DVD?


I just got my comp in December so I don’t think it died of old age. It won’t read ANYTHING.


I would be checking into warranty claims, I’d advise a reflash or upgrade flash of the drive if its available, but that may very well void your warranty. To recap on what harley2ride said I think your drive is cactus.


Since you have it under warranty still you shouldn’t even bother with it and call the place up that you bought or the manufacturer.


I have had something similar before after installing bit and pieces on my machine. The only way I could get it to work again was to do a complete reinstall of windows.

You could try uninstalling any new programs, cleaning out your registry, uninstalling and reinstaling your IDE channels. Maybe doing a system restore to when it was working will clear it.

Try putting yor drive into another machine. If it works it’s windows if not then it is dead.

After that I think you may need to did out your Windows Disks and driver CD’s.



Before removing hardware, boot with a DOS boot disk that has the generic ATAPI CD-ROM driver on it. See if it works under DOS.

If not, it’s toast. :wink: