DVD-ROM game disc not reading

Just got Rise of the Argonauts for Xmas and finally got around to playing it yesterday. Problem is, my HDX DVD drive isn’t recognizing it. SuperMulti 8X DVD+/-RW with Double Layer Support. (HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA T20L)
The disc tries to spin up, then hangs. If I click explore on DVD drive in “my computer”, the disc ejects. My wife’s dv9640us and my old XPS Gen2 read the game disc fine. My HDX also recognizes other discs I put in it, including DVD-ROM, which is what RotA is. There is no firmware upgrade on the HP support page, and I can’t find any firmware on the LG site(manufacturer of drive). Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks much in advance. Happy New Year

latest HP oem firmware for T20L


you can make it rpc1 and/or riplocked with the mediacodespeededit tool from ala42

you are lucky, ive an asus oem and stil no support.(not that i’ve problems with the drive )
i.m not risking this firmware for my drive

Resurrecting an old thread, but I just had the second and third existence of a problem I have experienced earlier. I bought the Witcher Enhanced Edition and can’t get it to load. It’s on a DVD ROM disc. I had this problem earlier with Rise of the Argonauts and never resolved the issue. The third instance is trying to install the original Witcher that I had before. It now won’t install.

Install is not the correct word…the drive won’t even read the discs. If I click explore or open in ‘my computer’, the disc ejects. All other DVD ROM games I have work in this drive, as well as DVD movies. The discs that don’t read in my drive, work in my wife’s dv9640us. I have the LG Super-Multi Lightscribe(GSA-T20L) in my lappie…not sure what she has in hers.

I have tried CDCheck and DVDInfoPro…they read nothing in the drive. There is no firmware upgrade for the drive on the HP site, save for a lightscribe update for an entirely different laptop. LG doesn’t seem to have a firmware upgrade newer than what I have, but I have reflashed it twice just to exhaust possibilities.

Some sites have suggested that if I have any ISO or virtual drive mounting software to uninstall, but I have done this(had Alcohol 120) and cleaned the registry of any entries as well. Although I am thinking this still might be an issue, as the original Witcher worked on this machine, before I installed Alcohol on it. There is also the outside chance that TAGES (security software on the disc) is not compatible with my drive.

If no one has any ideas, then what is a suitable DVD drive (besides Bluray if possible, too expensive and I don’t need it) to order and put in HP HDX LAPTOP? These types of discs are here to stay for a while, and I don’t want to keep having this problem.

Anyway, thanks for any help that can be provided.