DVD-ROM for reading TwinPeak'ed backups



Looking for a suggestion for buying one of the following DVD-ROM’s for reading TwinPeak’ed backups of SecuROM 4.8+ games. I’m ordering from NewEgg.com and I’m only considering the following drives:

  1. ASUS E616P2 => supposed to be fast and quiet according to the reviews but can it read TwinPeak backups?
  2. LiteOn SOHD-167T => supposed to be really good but can it read TwinPeak backups?..also is it really loud as some complain?
  3. Toshiba SD-M1912 => not sure I like the Samsung look…not too many reviews of this sucker either…

Ex: My current Toshiba SD-M1612 has been very good to me, but it doesn’t read my TwinPeak’ed backup of Star Wars KotOR (original CD has SecuROM 4.8.x but update .exe has 5.0.x).

PS I’ll be ordering a Plextor Premium too to see how good it is at SafeDisc 3.x and SecuROM 4.8+ backups…also this would make reading a TwinPeak backup to be a moot point right?


I would say the Litey is the best. My drive makes and players SC/SD back-ups gr8!



VirusHack - For your SecuROM backups, are they TwinPeak’ed or do they require emulation? Also were any of them SecuROM 4.8x or 5.x?


Sorry sould have sed that:
Yes they are TwinPeak’ed and no emulation used (I dont think it even needs to hide CDR media) and it was both SecuROM 4.8x (WarCraft 3 i think) or 5.x (Dawn of War)



The SecuROM 4.8 will need a ATIP hider enabled, but the 5.0 wont, dont know why they removed this, as it was the only thing stopping people making true 1:1 copies.


For twinpeak back-ups - LITE-ON


I got a Toshiba SD-M1912 and I’m really disappointed can’t skip reading errors fast and the BWAs are a mess compared to the old and ‘real’ Toshiba models. Know nothing about the Asus DVD-ROMs, so I would also go for the Litey got a 166 and it’s really a good drive and especially for backups.


Kalas - Thanks…that nixes the Toshiba…was disappointed that my good old SD-M1612 couldn’t read my TwinPeak backup but my NEC 2100@2500 could. Also noticed that my old Plextor PX-1210A could make a better BWA file than the Toshiba @4x. I even got a 100% w/o “fixing” on Star Wars KotOR…

All - Thanks for the LiteOn recommendations…it’s the front-runner now, but I’m still holding out until I see some feedback from ASUS E616P2 users. I also do DVD-ROM backups, so the fast ASUS drive is still up there.


So are there any ASUS E616P2 (!(E616 || E616P1)) users out there?


i have a Asus E616

the drive will work, with SecuROM, i have a backup from a app with SecuROM, i made the backup my self so i know its history:

clonecd img patched up with twinpeak (*.bwa made from *.mds file) burn with cloncd on sony DRU 500 AX



Will it install as well as play from the twinpeak copy on your Asus dvd? (Asus cdrws can be a bit picky in this respect so I’m wondering if their dvds are too).


Thanks for all the advice. I ended up going with the Lite-On SOHD 167T. I’ll post back with my results of playing back TwinPeak’ed SecuROM 4.8x/5.x (and even SafeDisc 3.x) backups.


If you can get the 166S instead of the 167T ------> go for it.

I still think the 166S is better than the 167T.


That should do just fine. I’ve got the 167T on one of my systems and it plays both twinpeak securom 4.8x/5.x and safedisc 3.20+ copies without any difficulties.


Are you running official firmware or hacked?
Ex: http://codeguys.rpc1.org/firmwares.html

In other words, which firmware version would recommend?



Well my LiteOn SOHD-167T works with my TwinPeak backups. Now it’s time to test the Plextor Premium to see if it’s all that…

The LiteOn SOHD-167T is a little loud when I first insert a disc. Sounds like it’s scratching the disc but I looked and my disc was ok. Anyone else notice this? I’m running the stock 9S19 + RPC1 via LtnRPC.


Sweet!..the Plextor Premium backup (using BlindWrite5 + BWTweaker) of KOTOR worked like a charm on the LiteOn. It even reads in the Toshiba which couldn’t read the TwinPeak backup…guess this is as close as 1:1 as I’m gonna get.