This will probably turn out to be a long thread, but hopefully not…
I have 3 “NEW” DVD roms Pioneer, Sony, and Mitsumi. All dvd roms have updated firmwares. My problem is when using dvd shrink or other programs of the same nature, When reading Original DVD from the Rom Player I get read error’s about 3/4 the way threw, however if I use my Plextor px-708a to read I have no problems at all. Why is this? I have no programs running in the background. My specs include P4 2.6c @ 3.4Ghz (same rusults oc’d or not) 1GB PC4200 Ram, and 200GB WD Raid 0. Could it be that all 3 of my DVD Roms dont support reading of some type of sub-channel? Maybe No DVD Rom can read for back-up purposes, Playing DVD’s of course works fine. :confused:

SINCE NO REPLY’s have come as today I will tell you how to fix this problem… USE ANYDVD to read from your DVDROM it hides the protection so the rom can read all files to your HD. HOPE THAT HELPS LOL!