DVD-Rom drive which can do this!

I’m going to buy a new DVD-Rom drive shortly. i’d like to backup DVD-videos. But i’ve heard that some DVD drives lock the DVD-video copying (or ripping. Are they the same thing?) to 1x speed as well as VCD copying speed too which i really don’t like. I have a CD-RW “samsung” which locks VCD copying to 8x speed which takes a long time to copy. So what i want is a DVD-rom drive which can read DVD-Videos or normal DVD’s at higher speeds like 16x and CD-R(W)'s at 48x or higher. It should also be able to read both DVD-R(W) and DVD+R(W) discs and dual layered discs. I’ll also be copying protected CD’s and DVD’s. It would be better if the drive supports reading CD-text, Raw mode (for reading),DVD-Ram, C2 errors,CD+G, etc discs. Can anybody
suggests some drives? (Lite-on and some other manufactured drives are available in my country).

No reason to look farther than the LiteOn 166S. All drives have limited speed when reading recordables or dual-layer. The 166 is 8x.