DVD-ROM Drive trouble



I was ripping CDs with EAC, as I often do (1000+ times in about 8 months) and EAC froze up, I had to reboot to get the disc out of the drive (JMLS XJ-HD 1665). Now, my computer still recognizes the drive but it will not recognize that there is any disc in it (any kind of disc). Did I simply wear it out or is there something I can do to fix it?


symptoms do appear as if the drive has gone to God.


LOL - maybe your laser diode has burnt out … well - if you are really desperate - try reflashing the firmware - reconnecting the IDE cable - try a different disc - but if it doesn’t work, ur 166S has served it’s life.


thanks for replying. it’s dead.


So, I took out that drive and put in a DVD-ROM drive from another computer, works fabulously. BUT, windows no longer recognizes the CD-RW drive (ashamedly, I have no idea what the make/model of the drive is without looking at it.) The cables are securely connected. How can I remedy this?