DVD Rom Drive that reads DVD+R(W) and DVD-R(W)

I just got a Plextor 708-A DVD writer and I am very happy with this product. Along with this drive, I got 50 DVD+R discs and they write at 8x.

However, I noticed that my Toshiba DVD Rom drive doesn’t read DVD+R(W). This isn’t a huge problem, but it is something I am looking to rectify. Replacing my Toshiba DVD Rom drive is an option, but I haven’t found one DVD Rom drive that will read both +r and -R formats. Most like the Liteon, Toshiba, Pioneer, and so on only read -R.

Is there a DVD Rom that reads both +R and -R? If so, what is the best one. Best = Quietest but good performance.

my toshiba reads all +/- afther flashing it. What type do you have?

JMLS (aka LiteON) XJ-HD166S reads both formats.

I have an SD-M1612

I will look for flash updates for it.

I was looking all over the place for firmware for this drive and I found one that isn’t supported by Toshiba but adds DVD+R support. I will give it a try. :slight_smile:

Here is the page that I found: http://hijacker.rpc1.org/toshiba_nolimit/

Now, I ran the firmware (x004) revision A. I am going to be testing this out and hoping for the best. There is a link to another forum in there that the author is answering questions.

My question still stands, are there any good DVD-Rom readers out there that read both +R and -R? There is one mentioned in this thread and I am sure there are more. Looks like Toshiba makes the 1712 that does that.

that is the one i use

also makes the extraction speed faster