DVD-Rom Drive Suggestions



I think it may be about time to change my dvd-rom drive as i have had it since around 98 i think,maybe 99, its not that fast at reading and i think its starting to give up as for a while now every so often i will put a dvd in the drive be it original or a dvd-r and it will just sit there with the light in constant, i will then have to eject and close to get it to read, sometimes more than once and every so often i will have to wait and try it again later. What i have now is a Toshiba SD-M1612, what i am after is a very good reading, does’nt have to be the fastest on the market just has to be extremly good at reading and has to be a very good reader of damaged discs as this Toshiba has been and so was my Teac cd-rom back in the day.

I was going to try and get a new Toshiba, newer model, but i cant seem to find any here in the uk, i got mine here but down my local computer fair. Maybe i’ll have a butchers down there aint been down there for years.

I open to sugguestions on other drives though samsung,lite-on ??

  1. Use search function. You will see threats like this one:

  2. I would recommend the Aopen 1648AAP Pro (since the non-Pro isn’t available anymore)
    You could also spend a little more money in buying the Benq 1640, which is a great DVD-Burner and atm the fastest ripper here. :bow:


In case of good DVD-ROM drives, I would recommend the Asus DVD-E616P2, LiteON SOHD-16P9S, Teac DV-516G.


Not going to go for a BenQ burner as i already have a 109, and im not really after the fastest ripper out i prefer to go for a drive with great readability especialy with damaged discs, scratchs etc… Although the 4 mentioned drives i cant find on the sites i get my parts from…

Can find
AOpen DVD-1648 Chameleon
Lite-On LTD-167S and SOHD-167T
Asus DVD-E616P1

I’ll have a look around some shops and i’ll have a look down the computer fair though.

Sorry i did’nt use the search button, i keep forgetting its there…


I have found very little the AOpen 1648 cannot read and it is a faster reader than the Liteon drives you list.

Generally, the BenQ 1620 is considered the best reader of damaged discs. While the 1640 may also be a good reader it is too knew to tell and it is not wise to generalize.


The BenQ reads perfectly, its error correction is very good.
Otherwise the Aopen 1648 does this excellent too. Both drives are a good choice! :bow:
Besides, I think the Asus has the same chipset as the Aopen, therefore it should be an alternative too.

Sorry i did’nt use the search button, i keep forgetting its there…

Don’t worry, I keep reminding you… :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks like i’ll try and get the AOpen then as i dont need a new burner. Is the 1648 Chameleon the correct one, i think its called Chameleon as it comes with 3 bezels or do i need to get the aap pro one.


The 1648 AAP Pro should be the same drive as the chameleon.


OK cheers, i’ll check on the box,should say on there.


I would second getting the BenQ 1640. I have both models of the Aopen 1648\AAP non pro and pro, I also have several models of the Toshiba,(1502,1612,1712,1912) and a lite on 167T. and the BenQ 1640 has been able to read damaged disc’s better than any of the above.


I made several compares between BenQ and Aopen and came to the same result: the BenQ seems to be the better reader, especially with scratched discs.
Though, the Aopen is great!
The chameleon is the same as the 1648AAP/Pro.

So, if you go for it, have a lot of fun!! :slight_smile:


OK, thanks once again for your suggestions,i think it will be the AOpen. Two reason i wont get the BenQ, i already have a burner plus i have’nt actually seen a BenQ drive here in the uk.


hmmm, the AOPEN 1648 AAP has become very hard to find now!!!


Hi :slight_smile:
For BenQ try here
For Aopen & Asus try here
I had the Aopen & now have the BenQ
One reason for BenQ in my experience it’s better / quicker
Second with BenQ you have back up DVDRW


As for problematic discs and burners, the LiteOn 1693 is slightly better than the Benq 1640, and also the Plextor 740 is slightly better than the Benq1640 even they have the same hardware…

As for DVD-ROM, the Aopen has massive problems with scratched media, the Asus and LiteOn and Teac I’ve mentioned do not.


MMMM … i see, thanks for that.


Sorry, I can’t confirm that.
my Aopen has read anything I throw in it.


Yeah, could be possible that they have improved the drive with a new firmware. I refer to tests that were made with firmware 1.02.
The Asus and AOpen could perform similar because their hardware is similar. :wink:


OK thanks for your help guys, one thing though can dvd-rom drives do the error scanning like dvd-burners can,you know with dvdinfopro,cd/dvd speed etc… ?


They can do errorscanning, but due to the different hardware, they report different errors. I would suggest only to use a burner for scanning. (Lite-On or BenQ)