DVD-ROM drive slower than CD-RW drive

I have a Lite-On LTD 166S and a LTR 48125W(O/C). I notive that
my CDRW is ripping audio discs faster than my DVD-ROM.

I have enabled DMA for both the drives.

My DVD-ROM should perform better than my CDRW drive based on benchmarks by various optical drives benchmarking sites.

Is there any tweaks available for DVD-ROMs besides enabling DMA ?

Which is the best DVD Player for viewing DVD movies ?

well, as far as the speed issue, don’t count on the review sites too much. mileage will vary greatly with optical drives. in my experience, I have never had a dvd rip faster than a burner. you might try updating chipset drivers or firmware though, if it is an issue to you.

For playing video dvds, I like the powerdvd software that comes with the liteon drives. has been stable for me and the picture quality is good.