DVD-ROM Drive rebooting PC

Hi everyone!

I’ve got a problem with my HL-DT-ST GDR8160B (LG) DVD-ROM drive. It is set up as secondary master, while my new NEC 3500AG DVD burner is Primary Slave to my HD.

Every time I place a CD in the GDR8160B, it spins up - and then promptly reboots my PC! The problem has been around for a while. It arose before I got my DVD burner, back when I had my CyberDrive CD Rewriter and also when I replaced this with an Optorite drive. I am sure I had the GDR8160B drive set up as a slave back then, I thought making it a Master when I got the NEC might help with the rebooting issue. Unfortunately, it hasn’t.

I can’t seem to pinpoint any software that may be causing this. I did think Nero 6 might be a candidate but the rebooting also occurred after I had uninstalled it.

Further system info is as follows:
AMD 1600XP, K7S5A mobo, Radeon 7000 video, Windows ME (I know, I plan on upgrading ASAP!), DMA enabled on all devices.

I’d appreciate any suggestions you may have. Thanks!

Best Wishes,

Just wanted to add this question: is my Master/Slave setup OK? Any help at all would be appreciated as I am very new to DVD burning. Thanks!

I would suggest to set the NEC as master on secondary IDE channel with the DVD-ROM as slave, but I don’t think that this will solve your problem.

As you most likley have all ready been told that ME is a problem but if you go to Microsoft and do a little serching you will find a hot fix for this problem and a lot of answers

Hi everyone and thanks for the advice so far.

Barry, I’ve had a look at the Microsoft site - in fact, I’ve searched and searched - I can’t find the hotfix or any specific info regarding this problem. I tried a variety of search criteria but I might be missing something obvious, can you help me out?