Dvd rom drive not showing

[qanda]This thread is about the Philips. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]ok i’ve seen post like this before but every solution posted hasnt worked yet and heres where im at i have a philips dvd rom drive as the master and a lg dvd burner as the slave. i have boughten 2 new ide cords and tried them both with the 2 drives setup and still cant find them in windows. i have also tried the setup with just the philips on master and cable select and still nothing in windows. same goes with the lg dvd burner. but i can find both in the bios. i have also tried windows solution itself with the upper and lower filters deleted and i still cant find the drives so if there is any thing im missing please respond to this with some ideas i would really like to get a drive to work even if it is just one of them

Try going to control panel then system- then hardware then device manager then go to Ide atapi ata/atapi controllers and uninstall secondary ide channel and restart and see if drives are back. It worked on a computer at work.

scotton that tip helped i got them back so thanks for that just saved me 67 dollars to replace them with sata drives so ty