Dvd-rom drive & encoding



Would having a faster dvd-rom drive make my encoding process go quicker in dvd shrink? Using nero’s drivespeed it detects the drive at a 7x read spead. I believe the drive is a hitachi, but I’m not quite too sure.


I dont know about shrink but with clone DVD having a faster DVD Rom ( AOpen 1648\AAP) mmade a considerable difference what used ot take 18 min or more to rip now only takes 7-9 minutes.



I totally agree with iss-

My AOpen 1648/aap’s (real aap’s - not pros) have really cut my time and enhanced the reading of my discs-

I think that it is a $25 investment well spent for the AOpen 1648/aap DVD-ROMS - can get them from www.newegg.com



Most definitly getting a drive like the Liteon 167T dvd drive I rip dvd’s tops out at 14x, using dvd shrink plus this drive reads everything you throw at make sure you get the 167T cause the new drive 16p9s is not as good, tested same media that got zero errors on the the 167T recieved more than two with the 16p9s.