DVD Rom drive busy LED always on

I have just built a small pc for my youngest with a BENQ 1650 DVD Rom Drive. I have it installed as a master on the second IDE channel of a PC Chips ML810 motherboard, with XP.

If I insert a CD or DVD the busy LED stays on permanently and if I eject it by pushing the button, windows doesn’t know I’ve done this and continues to think the cd is still in th edrive. If I choose eject from the context menu everything is fine. By the way, the drive works normally on the first CD inserted.

I’ve built loads of PC’s before and generally never have a problem. I haven’t as of yet resorted to swapping lumps about as I thought I’d ask the experts!



have you checked to see if the drive is in DMA or PIO mode?

I’ve had three BenQ Drives. All of them had the led on when a disc was inserted. After removing the disc, the disc title stayed in windows explorer. Try hitting refresh(F5). It should remove title from explorer.