Dvd Rom drive and dvd burner both wont recognise motherboard disk but will burner will burn cd's

I recently reinstalled my pc, after the reinstall I had no problem reading the motherboard disk gigabyte k8ns pro to install chip set drivers and so on, I then went to burn a dvd and, deep burner would not work, i tried to burn a cd and that worked just fine. As the drive worked before install and, read the motherboard disk after reinstall, I decided to reinstal widows xp again, I then tried to run the motherbaord disk but, this time the drive would not recognise this either. the problem is that both my drives Dvd Burner and, dvd rom drive both do not recognise dvd’s but they do recognise cd’s. not just one or the other both stopped working which oleads me to believe that they can’t ahve both failed at the same time, can they? I have been searching myself for an answer for days not and, really need to burn disks, any help is greatly appreciated.