DVD-ROM copy protected games



Hi there,

I am facing serious trouble trying to backup my DVD-ROM games.

It seems there is no way that you can succesfully make an 1:1 copy, or is it?
I have tried CloneCD, Alcohol 120%, BlindWrite … no … no …no … :a

It also seems that it does not matter what the protection really is … safedisk (LOTR: BFME), starforce (Driver3) or secuROM (Canstantine). Always the same result … failure!!!

Does anyone know why? Or at least how could I emulate my copies?

Thanks to you all :bow: !


I’m not much help for copy protections. However, CDFreaks has a copy protection forum just for issues like these. Perhaps your query could be better addressed there?


I know that thier is a list of utilities that can try to determine what copy protection is present as well as guides on how to get past each particular copy protection for cd’s in the copy protection forum, but does the same apply to games on dvd (I’m not trying to say it is or isn’t, I’m curious myself). Since many games are becoming avalable both ways, which is easier to backup?


Also, my understanding is a lot depends on which games you are backing up.
If they are PS2, a chip needs to be purchased for the PS2 machine. As Mike A suggests, the copy protection forum is the place to look.