DVD rom can't read DVD movie

Hey guys I’m new the the burning scene. I have a few burns under my belt but I’m having problems with some. I’ve had problems with Resident evil2, Catwoman and I robot. I did have problems with The Forgotten with DVD shrink but I was able to use decrypter and it worked, haven’t burned it yet tho. Its on my hard. I just don’t know what to do with the file? But thats another question.

I’ve tried using Decrypter to decode but thats not working, DVD shrink doesn’t work and anydvd doesn’t work. I don’t think its the program. It must be my player because other movies work fine. Is this possilble?

I’m using a Liteon DVD+RW SOHW 802S
DVD shrink
Anydvd Which I don’t even know how to work. I put the movie and you think I can start pressing sum buttoms so it starts to do something, but nothing happens. But thats with the problematic DVD’s so maybe thats it.

Any info greatly appreciated.


Use DVD Shrink to compress the disc ripped from dvddecryper, than use dvddecrypter to write the image.

Thanks, I"ll try that, but my DVD rom can’t read the disk for these movies. My player works cause I was able to copy The Forgotten and Harry and Kumar. For some reason, my pc can’t recognize the DVD. Do you think its a hardware issue?

Any help guys. I have to return the movie soon. tx

try using the most current version of shrink yours is outdated…that being said, dvd decryptor should work…

Resident Evil 2 and The Forgotten are protected with Sony ARccOS structure protection (not sure about the others). The latest version of AnyDVD can handle this Protection (wth are u using this old version?), DVD Decrypter should also be able to handle this protections. DVD Shrink = see the post above, you can use the latest version of CloneDVD 2. download the trial and give it a try.