DVD-ROM Cache size and copying CDs on the fly

Was wondering, would a cache size of 512KB on my DVD-ROM create problems when copying CDs on the fly to my Plextor 40/12/40? DVD is Master, Plex is Slave and I’ve been having a hell of a time copying CDs on the fly, or even copying them after making a cd image from the DVD drive. When burning images that I uh “get” they work fine, even when I tell Nero/CloneCD to copy to hard drive first I still get coasters. I thought it was my FSB overclocking at first but it wasn’t, as I set everything to default. Thanks for any help.

I don’t think the cache size on the source drive or even it’s speed will cause problems when copying CDs, especially if the writer supports any sort of buffer underrun protection. Also, if you create an Image first and still get problems, then the problem is not related to either the speed or cache size of your DVD-ROM.

If you are trying to copy or backup CDs with copy protection on them, I’d recommend you use Clone CD and your Plextor for doing both the reading & writing as most DVD-Rom (or CD-ROM) drives cannot do RAW 16/96 reading. I have never copied a copy protected CD yet, so I wouldn’t know what settings to use on Clone CD.

Also, get your self a high speed CD-RW disc for experimenting with as these can be erased if a problem occurs. If you can get a successful copy made on one of these, then use a CD-R ;).

To copy on-the-fly DO NOT mount both CD-drives on the same IDE-cable.

I have used this configuration with GREAT success and 40x on-the-fly with all buffers at 100% all the time:

IDE channel #1: HDD as master (systemdisk), DVD-ROM as slave
IDE channel #2: CDRW as master, HDD as slave

To copy on-the-fly DO NOT mount both CD-drives on the same IDE-cable.

This is not really accurate. I am doing 48x copies on the fly with both drives on the same channel. In fact, my own system is slower with the drives configured as you suggest.
Can you provide more info about what you’re doing and what is happening during the burn? Are the buffers full or fluctuating? are you using decent media? What errors do you get? What’s a “coaster”?


seanbyrne has given you good advice. Are you trying to copy protected discs? If so, the Plextor is the drive to use for reading, not the DVD-ROM.

If you are making a image file there is no point in using the DVD-ROM drive for this. Try making an image file with the Plextor only and see if it is readable after burning. Of course, if it is a protected disc and the settings are incorrect, you will get a coaster.

Besides, in most cases (literally, cases) The hard drives are not really close to the optical drives