DVD-ROM aggro

I have a LG drd 8160B DVD-ROM. It no longer recognises ANY DVD media. CD-ROM,CD-RW,Audio CD are all fine. It used to play DVD movies no probs.I have Power DVD installed. I brought a data DVD back from UK(that I found in a magazine) which the drive did not recognise. That was my first DVD-ROM experience. A friend burned a data DVD-ROM (he sez it was -ROM format) recently which is not recognised either.I also brought back a DVD Movie(PAL) from UK which played in Power DVD once or twice. Now it only plays CD media. Could I have screwed up the drive by playing a PAL disc in a drive configured for region 1(NTSC)?
I downloaded the firmware exe from LG’s site (DRD-8160b-101(E).exe) but when I launch it I get lots of question marks on the radio buttons. Is this drive toast as far as DVDs go? It seems to me that there is only one lens inside and if it reads CD media its probably a configuration issue.
AMD Athlon 1000,512sd RAM etc

it’s possible that your lazer diode is dying and is unable to read DVDs. It’s also possible that it’s got some dust on the lens… so you might wanna try and use one of those cd cleaners.

As for the file showing question marks, you probably donwloadded a file with Asian language that your Windows can not display and it’s showing question marks instead.