DVD+RL for 111D

Is my scan result normal? I think I have seen a better result from 111D for Vertbatim DVD+R RL.

Burned @ 2.4x from ImgBurn
111D fw 1.09 @ secondary master (UDMA 4)

That depends on many factors, eg. PSU and system usage…

Does scanning with the 111 give same results?

It’s worst when I scan it from 111D. Why???

What means “worst” here?

it is interesting to see scaningof DL burned with pio 111.
I have burned too several DL with 11D and the result of scaning with pio 111 is quite bad. But the disc is well supported by the standalone player

the transition zone between the two layer is quite strange on my personnal scan

Hm, yeah. That’s why scanning with Pioneers for quality is not recommended. :wink:

I means the scan result from 111D is different than I scaned it from Liteon. It’s quite bad.

Is it burn disc with the lower speed will create a better quality disc?

ano102: Can you post your DL scan result for your 111D? Thanks!!!

How would you do that?

Burned @ 2.4x from ImgBurn

You already burned them at the lowest speed, 2.4x.

ok chrisfsk, I post my 2 scan of DL burned this pio 111 this evening.

here is a first scan of verbatim MKM 001 2.4X @4X with pio 111D firmware 1.06
scaned now with pio 111D firmware 1.19
not bad, well supported by my standalone player pio dv 470

I think that the last firmware produce something bad around 3.5Go …
my last burn is very bad, quality 0 due a en enormous peak around 3.5Go

someones can answer about the behaviour of a standalone player reading a burned disc that contains a spike of error according to nero cd dvd speed ?
a freeze of the film ?

nero cd dvd speed show me a pike of error but I seems that the film is well supported by the standalone player ? any idea ?

can we trust the scan on nero cd dvd speed ?

Here is my latest DL burn on the 111. Fine result for an 8X burn on IMGBurn.

another burn with pio 111 at 2.4X that produce an enormous spike at 3.5Go …

I have several idea about the issue

  • the new firmware 1.19
  • the media MKM 001
  • the speed of 2,4X

anyone has the same problem ?

Why would you burn them at 2.4x??
Even 6x gives good results with them!

No. I burn MKM001 @ 8X with no problems on my new PIONEER 111. See above scan.

8x is not good, IMHO. 6x is better with this 2.4x rated media.

Is there actually any difference in burn time with burning DL MKM 001 at 4x and 6x?

my first burn was at 4X with MKM 001, the result was good (firmware 1.06)
my second burn was at 2.4X, hopping a better result , firmware 1.06
since I have updated to 1.19, I have made 2 burns at 2.4X and I have exactly the same problem at the layer switch, an enormous peak of PI PO and the result is quality 0 !

  • perhaps the result are better a 4X …
  • perhaps there is a big problem in the new firmware !
  • perhaps my pio has a problem now …
  • perhaps cd dvd speed give stupid result …

Is it possible to come back to firmware 1.06 ?

Now I dont know what to do and each test with DL test is expensive …

steven, ca you scan your disc with nero cd dvd speed 4.51.1 please ?
I want to check that the result is similar to your benq scan, thanks

Since you’ve given your HO I’ll give mine. I’ve burned 50+ MKM001 Verbs @ 8X on PIONEER 110 and 111 drives with nary a coaster in the bunch. I’ve posted scans @ 8X, chef, please post some of your comparisons between 6X and 8X showing superior burns at the slower speed.