DVD+RL burn capacity

Hi All,

I just bought some Verbatim DVD+RL (double layer) discs and am trying to backup some data using Nero 6. BUT i keep getting the “Compilation will not fit onto blank disc.” error and I don’t know why.

When I right click->properties on the directory encapsulating all my backup data it tells me:
Size: 7.35GB (7,893,757,198 bytes)
Size on disk: 7.35GB (7,897,497,600 bytes)
Contains: 1,852 Files, 29 Folders

Now after looking thru Wikipedia I understand the diff between 8.5Gb on the disk and 8.5Gb on my drive. Wikipedia states that the actual capacity is 7.92Gb which I am under. So why won’t it burn?!?! So frustrating!!

Any advise would be much appreciated.