DVD ripping



Which software do I have to use for DVD ripping? Where can I find it? I red abot it on http://www.cdfreaks.com/copy/dvdripfaq.htm
Does anyone know sitez where I can download rips? thanx!!


You could take a look at http://www.dvdutils.com/ for the software


If all goes well, youi can find a complete how-2-rip a dvd walktrough on cdfreaks one of these days.

Conarq of TeRaX
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Thanx !!!


Those were great instructions from Terax but to make it even easier…update Teraxs instruction 10 and rip the whole DVD in one session. After multiplexing the seperate audio and video into one MPEG you can just simply slice it into two parts using a program like VCD CUtter or I FILM Edit… found thru any good warez search program.

Then burn the two parts.