Dvd ripping with 2500a



I’m sorry for having to ask this question. I probably would have found the answer searching the forum but the search feature is still not bringing up all the results it should.

I’m using the 2500a drive to rip the dvd movies and i’m using dvd fab as the software. When I play the dvds on my dvd player, sometimes I don’t see the highlighted headings to select something from the menu, so I can’t tell what i’m selecting(play movie, special features, scene selections ect…). It seems to be inconsistant. Also, some parts during the movie I get some distortion. It kind of reminds me of directv when theres a storm. My question is can these problems be related to the ripping software or the dvd drive doing the ripping? The media i’m using is: interaxia ag vdspmsab 01 and i’m using the 1.07 firmware. I know the media is iffy, but I was just wondering if there was any known flaws with the ripping software i’m using or the quality of the ripping for the 2500a drive(besides being slow)?


I guess it was the dvd player. I tried a newer one and the menu is now working fine and the picture appears to be perfect.