DVD Ripping same scene

Im not sure if this is the right place for this, if it is not, please forgive me. I am new to the forum… :bow:

Ok, I have been trying to rip The Incredibles DVD for a day now. At first I could not get past the protection but finally did.

My other problem is that when it reaches a certain scene while ripping, it rips the same scene 3-4 times which then doesnt finish ripping the movie. I am at a loss here as to what the problem could be.

I currently used:
DVDDecryptor work to rip it to the hdd
1 click DVD Ripper to Rip from the hdd into an AVI
Xilisoft DVD Ripper
ImTOO Dvd Ripper and a few others all give me the same problem.

Also, before I updated my DVD Decryptor, it was not allowing me to rip the DVD. I was getting the Decoder not inited error message but I played the movie with a DVD viewer such as Cyberlink and I know the drive was unlocked.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I want to rip it into an AVI to my hdd. I have DIVX codec installed. Never had any problems ripping until this DVD.

J :slight_smile: