DvD Ripping Problem..Help Plz =)

I Ripped A Film (A Real Copy) With 1ClickDvDCopy Software That All Went Well :smiley: And It Gave Me A File Called VIDEO_TS Which Had 8 Files In It Called:

5.VTS_01_1 (mpeg file)
6.VTS_01_2 (mpeg file)
7.VTS_01_3 (mpeg file)
8.VTS_01_4 (mpeg file)

The Proble Is When I Click On The Mpeg Files They Wont Play In Windows Media Player. :a Is There Anyway I Can Convert All Those Files Together So It Will Play As One File. Or Away That Will Make It Play

All Help Is Good Help :iagree:
So Plz Help Me Fix This Problem :bow:
Michael McDowall

Many versions of Windows don’t come with the codecs to play DVD files. Go figure. I have had no luck finding the codec but you might find a deal on a cheap OEM version of DVD player software. If you do a Google search for free dvd player software you might find something or someone here may have a codec if you list the version of Windows and media player.

Yes, use Video Lan Player. Link is in my sig.

Drag and drop the Vob files into VLC palyer and it will play.

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Media Player Classic is another free media player that can handle dvd files. Found here:

And if you just want to pay money for a dvd codec, you could buy one of the Nvidia PureVideo codecs and play your movies in Windows Media Player. These are basically plug-ins for WMP. They can be found here: http://www.nvidia.com/object/dvd_decoder.html
Look through the system requirements before buying anything.

I don’t see the need for buying the Nvidia plug-ins though, since VLC and Media Player Classic can suffice. The Purevideo plug-ins do have a reputation for excellent playback capability.

I use PowerDVD, which came with a retail purchase of one of my dvd burners.

Thanks For All The Help!

I Gave The VLC PLayer A Go And It Works Great! =D

But Is There Anything I Can Use To Convert All The Files Togeter To Make It One File That I Could Send To My Friend & Play In WMP?

Thanks For Any Help That Can Be Given! =)

Michael McDowall

You can decypt those files again with DvDShrink and save the output as an Iso.

Windows Media Player lacks the Video and Audio codec’s to play the file, you can either use a codec pack, K-Lite Codec Pack full is recommended - http://www.free-codecs.com/download/K_Lite_Codec_Pack.htm or VLC player.

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I can not figure this one out. I have been able to play DVD’s with Windows Media Player with every Windows OS since Windows 95. If you go to Tools, Options, File Types, DVD video is always one of the options. Just click on the box and it always plays DVD’s. I always have to manually uncheck it whenever I install windows because I use Power DVD to do that.