DVD ripping problem (DVD is NOT protected)



I’m trying to make a backup copy of a movies I just got called “Bloodlust”, I opened up DVD decryptor as I was sure that I didn’t need to use DVDFAB decryptor since if it was encrypted it wouldn’t have been something DVD decryptor couldn’t handle, plus it could tell me if it was infact encrypted. I was happy to find out that not only is it only 3GB or so, but it wasn’t encrypted so I figured I could just drag the files and then burm them, simple. I first tried directly dragging the files onto my desktop but it didn’t work, then I tried DVD decryptor… nope. DVDfab decryptor didn’t work, CloneDVD even failed me.

So I thought I’d see if anyone here had encountered this problem and could tell me how to get around it.


What was the error message?


DVD decrypter and DVDfabdecrypter just started failing to read (like when you try to rip any new DVD with DVD decrypter basically and it just starts retrying until you cancel.)

CloneDVD said the disc might be dirty, it’s not the cleanest DVD but I mean it’s by far readable.


Are you using AnyDVD in conjunction with CloneDVD2? You probably have a bad source disc.:iagree:


ok I get an actual error trying to use dvd shrink to just recreate new DVD files. Data error - cyclic redundancy check

bad disc I guess… funny, no scratches and it plays fine.


Could be a bad press.


This “cyclic redundancy check” is usually the indication that DVD is protected and DVD Shrink or DVD Decrypter is not capable for this particular case to remove the protection. Try to use the latest Any DVD as trail version for 30 day and that will do the job or better way if you don’t want to buy Any DVD use “RipIt4Me” which is free also.


Is this disc a “store bought” or did someone burn it? You do not provide much info concerning that, however, try a different drive or a different computer. It could just be a difficult disc for the drive you are using. BTW: does this disc have a stick-on label? It could be that the label is causing trouble. It has been known to happen.