DVD Ripping - Movies and Chapters only


I know with DVD Decrypter you can select individual vob files and copy them to your hard drive. I use this to select only the main movie files (including the .IFO and .BUP file). But when burning these to a DVD and playing the movie I cant skip through the chapters of the movie. I’ve only tried this with an old version of Interwin DVD.

Using DVD Shrink, I can’t fully remove the special feature and menus to save more space.

So is there any way that DVD decrypter can rip the DVD movie files only while keeping the chapter structure intact on playback? Or is another program needed?


What i do is rip the whole movie with DVD Decrypter, After that if i want to keep the quality high, i use Vobblanker to blank out everything except the menus. By doing it makes the dvd seem smaller to dvd shrink. For example, i just ripped a movie that was over 7 gb is and after blanking the extras, the movie was about 5.1 gb in size. The program is really easy to use (2-3 clicks) and it works better than removing the extras with dvd shrink because with dvd shrink the extras still show up in the movie as a still photo or a color. When you use vobblanker, it does as it says, the xtras appear to be gone. You can get it here:http://jsoto.posunplugged.com/vobblanker.htm

What is your procedure? You should be doing this:

  1. Open disc in DVDShrink (or ripped files from DVDDecrypter, ALL files, repeat ALL files, ripped in “File Mode”, not “IFO Mode”.)
  2. Hit “Reauthor”.
  3. Drag the main movie title from the right pane to the left. Usually the main movie titleset is “Title 1”.
  4. On the “Compression Settings” tab, get rid of any unwanted audio and subpicture streams.
  5. If that’s all you want to do, leave compression at “Automatic”. If you wish to afterwards re-encode the movie with DVDRebuilder, for example, select “No Compression”.
  6. Hit “Backup”. You will retain all chapter info with the main movie only.

Is that what you’re doing? :wink: