If let us suppose i want to rip a dvd into vcd.

what are the BEST tools ( Hardware & Software) to do this?

Taking Recommendations

please also indicate if possible… cost of hardware.

speed is a factor, money is not.

try www.doom9.org for guides on dvd ripping and conversions.

u’ll probably need

fast processor(over a gig is nice) it still takes around 5 hours to turn a 2 hour dvd into divx on my 1.4ghz.

big hardrive: when you rip a dvd onto your hardrive, the files are around 5 gigs.

win 2k is best(win xp good also): win 98 & me are pure shit when compared to win 2k just for the stablity.

3d card: geforce 3, ati radeon, at least something decent.

dvd drive: faster drive is always better, good brands are reliable. my noname brand drive has been working for me though.

most of this stuff is taken from doom9’s newbie guide and my own experience. read it to understand stuff fully.

wohh we got a rich dude (b-lizard )
the hardware requirments are a fast cpu (500Mhz is the most least you can do) but make sure there is level 2 cache available. So do not try this with amd k6 2 500 Mhz because it won’t do the trick. I advise you to use at least an 850 mhz cpu and lots of ram (they are so cheap now) and of course a dvd player wich can read subchannels Toshiba SD-M1502 DVDrom is not bad.
Of course you need the wright software but there is a very very fine link given in the previous posting and here is an other one