DVD Ripping HELP!


I recently tried ripping a movie and the audio does not match the video. The audio comes before the video basically.

I used Xilisoft DVD Ripper Ultimate 5.


Is this the first time you have had a problem using Xilisoft DVD Ripper? I’ve never tried it but there are alternatives. If this is an older movie you can probably rip it with DVDShrink, if a newer title you can use DVDFab.

I use DVD Shrink but I am trying to make AVI files afterward. Does it do this?

DVDShrink will not make avi files for you. There are many different programs that can convert dvds once they are decrypted and ripped to the hard drive. You should look at AutoGK, Xvid4PSP or AviDemux to convert a dvd movie over to avi files using the Xvid video codec.