DVD ripping causes spontaneous reboot

When ripping a DVD (doesn’t seem to matter what movie - Enron, Henry V), it will get through a certain amount and then my computer will spontaneously reboot. Incredibly annoying!

Does anyone know why this would happen?

It even happens when I made a fresh install of XP in VMWare, with nothing but zone alarm, grisoft AVG, windows SP2 and DVD decrypter installed.

Software: DVD decrypter
Hardare: Pacific Digital Mach 16 DVD burner (rebadged BenQ 1620); firmware version PS08 / 2005-12-23

OS: Windows XP on a Athlon Sempron 3100+, 1 gig of DDR 400 DDR RAM, 160 gig WD SATA HD + 200 gig EIDE Maxtor HD on a MSI K8NGM-V mobo, high-quality 500 watt PSU.

Sounds like your system is getting hot. It takes all your computer can give out when ripping a DVD. Could be a bad power supply too. Check your inlet vents, CPU fan and heatsink, power suppy and any other fans and clean the dust and lint off them. Make sure all fans in your case are working. Make sure your computer is in a well ventilated area.
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The CPU is averaging around 47 C. It will burn DVD’s just fine - it only seems to happen when I rip them. Is there a linux live cd distro that has ripping tools on it that I could use to see whether the issue is with the OS / software or not?

Would the DVD burner have anything in the firmware that would cause a restart when it detected that you were ripping a DVD?

I had the same problem whilst ripping - burning was fine. I’d blow out the dust bunnies just in case, it took down my temps by 10C.

No, there’s nothing in a drive’s firmware that will reboot your PC when you rip…that I ever came across or read about, anyway!

47 c doesn’t sound right to me - I always thought that Althons were much hotter. decryption works a cpu very hard - a figure in the mid 50’s is what I would expect. so I would suggest trying some other diagnostic tests to double check on cpu, case zone 1 , zone 2 and drives - SATA drives can get much hotter.

Normally, yes. I’ve got a massive heatsink and fans, and ventilation like you wouldn’t believe. I spent the better part of a year working on cooling solutions for my PC.

As turns out the overheating problem I had a year ago was because the original CPU literally had a chunk taken out of the top of it (it was an athlon XP 3200+, where the actual CPU was exposed, not like the ones with the built-on heatsink plate like they have now).

Should I be worried about my SATA HD getting hot? Or just the CPU?

A little while ago my PC caught a virus (think I got it all, but not absolutely sure).

I also have nero installed.

Here are two screen shots of all the processes I have running currently:

i agree that it sounds like a heat issue as well. i woldn’t expect you to have a problem burning…all burning really requires is a steady stream of data. it’s the ripping and transcoding that’s demanding enough to heat way up inside your box.

double check the temps, and just to humor us clean out the dust and attempt burning with an air conditioner on or if you have a spare fan lying around install it in your computer and see if it makes a difference.

is the reboot creating any error entries in the windows event viewer? if so, post them here.

edit: you posted as i was posting. you say you have a crazy cooling system, so disregard my suggestions above about installing an extra fan. get inside your computer and double check that your cooling system is working. make sure the fans are blowing the right way and that everything is operating correctly. i’ve seen so many problems attributed to fans being installed backwards or a fan not working without the user’s knowledge. Then again if the temp you reported before is accurate, I guess everything is operating as it should. but it doesn’t hurt to be safe.

if your cooling is fine then i’m stumped. i’d still check the event viewer though.

I’ll try making another quick rip and checking.

Grrr… It did it again. Here is a screenshot that I took shortly before it did another spontaneous reboot on me:

It did seem to get a bit farther this time though. The DVD is around 6 gigs and I have 12 gigs free on the destination drive. That should be enough, right?

Have you compared these temperature readings with the ones in the BIOS? Only 5 degrees difference between system and cpu seems too little.

strangly enough i have experienced the same problem too. I have 2 same systems only one reboots

I’ll look into it

Only with dvd decriptor
The temperature of your rig seems ok , i own Atlon’s 64 and they go up to 36 degrees C

Did you find what was causing it?