DVD Ripping and Missing Scenes (need help)

Ok well , i’m trying to put a trailer together for a class project and one of the scenes I need is in Independence Day , kind of at the beginning of the movie where the spaceships are disconnecting from the main ship and are coming down to earth. it’s like a few scenes are missing atleast 7 mins of film is gone between VTS_06_01.VOB and VTS_06_02.VOB , it’s kinda weird , i’ve checked every file in the folder also to see if it’s someplace else but it’s not there.

Well anyways I’ve used DVD Decrypter/DVDshrink/DVDFab and Ripit4me and every single time after they are done I can’t find some scenes IE the one i need and ones where they are playing Chess in the park etc , I’ve checked every single VOB file and they are just not there it’s freaking me out since the project is due next week.

Help Pls

PS , also does anyone know of a scene in a movie where Christ is in the Air after his ressurection?

tks in advance

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If the scene you are searching for is contained in the movie, then ripping the entire disc cannot miss that specific video segment.

As a first step, then I suggest to rip [I]the entire disc[/I] (not a single vob file) on your hard disc.

Then you can open the entire disc with a software like DVD Shrink, search for the scene you are interested for, and save it as a separate set of ifo-bup-vob files.

I hope that this solve :slight_smile:

Tried that w/ DVDFab but it didn’t work , someone else told me that DVDShrink curs parts out for some reason , I dunno I guess i’ll just have to play around w/ it some more.

Rip the entire movie to the hard drive.

Open the files you have decrypted and ripped to the hard drive with DVDShrink. Hit ReAuthor. Click and drag the title of the main movie over to the left hand box. Hit the Set Start/End Frames button—it looks something like this: |-><-|. Now you can move through the video and select the beginning and ending frames you want to save.

Here is a screenshot of Shrink in Reauthor mode. And another using the timeline.