DVD ripping and editing tools



Could any help me something I’m trying to do but struggling with?

I’m a youth worker and all I’m trying to do is take a bought DVD which has 6 chapters which run back to back and edit them onto a dvd so they can be renamed as seperate clips and played easily.

The finished product I am looking for is:
One DVD I can insert into a DVD player, quick to load (by removing all the annoying adverts and clips).
The main menu contains my clips extracted from the original DVD
The main menue also contains a couple of options which enables me to play some background music.

Sometimes the clips I’m trying to show go from part way through one chapter to part way through another.

I hope this is not asking too much? I need the quickest and easiest way to do this as I do it quite a lot. I’ve bought a couple of pieces of software which haven’t been able to do it and am now at a loose end!

Thanks so much for a any help and direction you can give me on this.



I should also mention I’ve got any dvd - slysoft running on my pc and it enables me to play any region dvd. Wonder if this helps?


You want to edit the streams, edit the chapters and modify the menu. Basicall edit the entire dvd structure.

My best guess is that only Adobe Premiere can do this for you. It will cost you a fortune and a lot of time unfortunately.


There are a few softwares which will allow you to do what you want.
DVD lab Pro will let you rebuild DVD the way you like. Make new menus, chapters and so on. Check this site to get idea what it can do.

Other software is DVDRemake. This one will let you work on existing DVD to modify the way it play and remove few things you do not like. It is little more complicated, since you have to know DVD structure little bit.

Next one is Mpeg Video Wizard DVD. This will let you import VOB’s, modify them right in software and export DVD file for burn.


Thanks for your recent post.

Which would be the cheapest easiest option to go for?




Hi Chris
I am sorry, as I am not sure exactly what you want, because there is too many option in your first post.
If you want to get some parts out and play DVD, than Mpeg Wizard will do.
I am little confused about your option as for background music to be selected from menu. Do you want music to play with movie or just as a music only, no movie?


Right… music only. Not music videos.


Mpeg Wizard has an option for audio input, but I do not use it for that so you would have to try.
I know DVD Lab will do all kind of DVD authoring and you can make your own menu with buttons to direct to different files. It will except your audio in AC3, PCM (uncompressed audio) or any other DVD compliant format, but you will have to encode it to that first. Audio encoding will be the same for Wizard.
If you want to put your DVD to CD you will have to encode them to DivX,Xvid, (both Mpeg4 file type).
There are DVD players which will play that format, but I do not do that, so you have to check it out.


Great thanks for your help,

We’ll be burning the finished product to DVD.

So which product would you suggest to be the easiest to use with plenty of features and the best price. We’re a registered charity so dont have much money to spend on this sort of thing.

I’d like to put the audio files onto the dvd in MP3 format. Is this possible?



From re reading your fist post I think DVD lab would be the software to use since you want to make your own DVDs. It will give you most flexibility.
I am not up to date on DVD players, but do not think many if any will play MP3 format, since audio has to be encoded into DVD type file almost the same as video.
They will play WAV/PCM type file, but since it is uncompressed it is large.


Hi Chris
I went back and red the manual for Mpeg Video Wizard DVD and have to say that it will satisfy your needs for all your objectives at reasonable price.
There is provision to output files in different formats (Mpeg2, Mpeg4,IPod,and other).
Also import audio (wav, mp3), mix it to your movie or use it as is.
Also you can create your own menu, somehow restrictive, but very reasonable.