Dvd rippin



hi guys!

first of all, great page- this forum is a great source for all kinds of problems- so keep up…

my problem:
after making a rip and a mpeg movie from cruel intentions dvd, the audio stops after about five minutes…

what i did:
decoded it with DeCss(heard this one´s the best!?)
encoded with flask( panasonic plugin added of course!!!)
after 12 hours i wanted to watch the file and the quality was great but the sound stopped playing after 5min.- besides, the picture was a little small( i took 352*288- with bands)

well i´m a newbie concerning dvd- rips so
thx in advance to all of you rippers out there…


Well I’ve just ripped a couple times for test. So can’t help you really. But you can check out: http://www.dvdutils.com/
By the way I like DOD DVD Speed Ripper v1.1 as well. Also good. Maybe worth a try.


After a lot of trial & error I managed to create a VCD from a DVD. Because of the huge amounts of compression time required I used an 8 minute intro film for testing.
You should do so as well : most films have a shorter intro sequence (in my case a VOB file of about 250MB).
I ripped the DVD with Decss or SpeedRipper (can’t remember - doesn’t matter).
Then I also used the Flask encoder with the Panasonic plugin. It took about 70 minutes for the 8 minutes of film, and the result is rather good.
I think your problem is that you are using the Shareware version of the Panasonic plugin. I think I read somewhere that it only encodes 5 minutes.
Also I don’t think you need to add bands.
Apart from that, everything you did seems to be OK.