DVD ripper problem

I have many excellent DVD movie, but I often travell on official business, I am trying to rip the DVD to my laptop or MP4 Player. But the DVD movie can’t copy to the my laptop or MP4 Player on directly. I want to know if someont have ever used the convert software for this?Any words will be helpful!

welcome to cdfreaks.

to copy this to your MP4 player im sure you’ll need anydvd and clonedvd mobile.

to copy to your laptop you can also use anydvd on your laptop and drag the VIDEO_TS folder over or use anydvd’s ripper to rip to your laptop HDD.

you can also use clonedvd & anydvd to make back up’s of your movies and take them with you on a dvd disk (hard copy)

For want to see movie on mp4 player,you can use winavi mp4 video converter to convert DVD to MP4 player directly.Try…