DVD Ripper & Copying Suite 5.0

Hi I’d like to know if anyone has used this software or knows anything about this title and if so is it worth getting and what are the pros and cons please and thank you. I will basically be using it to back up DVD’s, I’ve used DVD XCopy Platinum in the past.


although i’ve never heard of this suite myself, it’s usually best to stick with the popular programs (they’re popular for a reason).

There is a good chance that this “suite” is another collection of freeware programs that someone is trying to sell. It will take a little longer to find them and learn them on your own, but you can get good quality at no cost. There are lots of tutorials in these forums, and plenty of knowlegable people who have helped me out in the past.

It is kak (f…ing Horrible program) I’ve used it for a few weeks and it is not worth it