DVD Ripper 5 Ultimate - deblocking?

Hi all,

Am new to the forum so apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere.

I am a long time user of the ImToo DVD Ripper and use it often, one thing I have found is, that while it is alot faster than the other software I have used, it seems to lack a deblocking option(or I cant find it) which means when I play stuff through my PS3 onto my HD TV it is blocky in the regions where there is solid colour.

I would prefer not to use the proper DIVX Converter or Nero 9 as these both work, but only encode(on my PC) at about 12fps whereas ImToo will encode into DIVX format at 1500 video bitrate at up to 30fps.

I realise using deblocking will take a hit on the FPS rate but I’m wondering if it can be turned on or tweaked? I cant find the option so I assume its in the Expert settings, which mostly dont mean much to me.

Thanks in advance.


1.Please select “higher or highest” for “video quality” and have a try.
2.The FPS can be adjusted,you can fill it manually.
3.You’d better send me a illustration about your question,I want to see what and how the blocking is.
or you can contact with support@imtoo.com, they will give you the answer in one busyness day.
If you have any other problems.please feel free to let me know.