DVD ripped video sticks after a few mins




I’m not sure what the problem is so I’ll just describe it a little. I have an .avi file on the desktop which is about 1.4gb. I then convert it to DVD using WinAVI, which then results in proper .vob files and all that stuff. After that, I proceed towards Nero express, I choose DVD Video or whatever the name of it is called, then I choose the folder where the AUDIO and VIDEO folder it. Nero takes it, burns it after 10 mins on maximum burn speed, and it completes successfully.

The problem I’m facing is that if I play it on any standalone player (I tried 3 different ones, different brands), the ripped movie (in this case, a marriage seminar for my church) sticks after a few minutes of playtime. It would simply play frame by frame after a few mins, and what I have to do is to stop it and resume it at that particular point. I have played the disc(s) on my pc and on other pcs, it plays fine without that frame playback.

What could the problem be? I don’t think it’s the hardware or the burning speed. Is there such a problem? Also, even if I use DVD [UDF] the same thing happens. Shall I try a different software? I really can’t seem to pinpoint the problem. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


It could be a disc or encoding problem.
If you have full version of Nero you can use Nero Vision to compile DVD.
Or you can try Nero Recode to burn existing Video_TS folder and see if that helps. If you do that check Analysis box.