DVD ripped into 2 discs onto 1?

I have a DVD that I have ripped but I ripped it to 2 discs because at the time I was unaware of DVD shrink…now is there a way to combine these 2 discs on my HD then shrink so can burn it all on one DVD. I have several tools at this time but so far I cannot figure how to combine the disks because I have them in .ifo .bup and mpeg already…any help would be awesome

many ways to achieve this. one esy way is to use Nerovision Express. Add all VOB files to the Make DvD option. Works like http://www.network54.com/Forum/thread-336827-1129367680-1129367680-AVI%2C+MPG%2C+MOV%2C+etc.+To+DVD

cannot seem to find a trial version of that, I have nero 6.6 ultra…that will not do it alone though? Right?

anyone? Sorry if this is a stupid question but I would really rather just put these together then compress them so they fit on one DVD…thanks in advance for any help