DVD rip

I would like to throw this one out to see what are the best answers. What is the easiest way to rip a dvd, copy protected and all. And since I dont have a dvd burner how can I put it on a cd. :smiley:

DVD Decrypter to rip

You’ll have to reencode with an mpeg4 codec (xvid, divx, etc.) to get it down to CD size (quality will suffer greatly).

nero recode and anydvd does in VERY fast in like 45mins

try that

45 minutes from DVD to CD? Muahahhahahahhahahahahha. Uh, no.

Check out clonead.co.uk

Let’s not forget the obvious: you need at least a DVD-ROM drive in order to copy the contents of the DVD disc. :wink:

yeh stoner, when i copyed a 2 hour movie on dvd-9 it took 1/2 hour with nero recode (single pass) but mpeg-4 was excellent

hav u ever tried nero recode stoner :slight_smile:

it does it all in one pass, no copying the vobs to hard drivem shrinking them 1st, encoding audio. simple. dvd>divx encoders take hours