DVD rip VOB files


My apologies if this question appears elsewhere.

I’m ripping a DVD film with DVD Shrink and have all my VOB files. I’ve turned them in to MPG files by changing the file ext, so i can play about with them. The problem I have is that I can only find 40m of the main feature film, the rest of the files are add on’s to the DVD. Where is the rest of the film ? I’ve tried 2 now, Wall Street and Training Day.

It all works ok and I’ve converted the MPG to MP4 so I can watch successfully on the PSP (Huge 2 Gb mem card so it’s not that)

Can anyone help ?


The whole movie is in the various .VOB files. A file on such a DVD can have a max size of 1.99GB, that is why the movie were splitted.

If you want to convert the whole movie, you could rip it in FILE MODE to one big file and then convert this one.