DVD Rip Speed GSA-4120B

Hi can anyone tell me if a DVD rip speed of between X1.5 and X1.7 is normal for a LG GSA-4120B, when I get a rip get a rip speed of X7 to X9 on my Samsung SM352. Before anyone says it it is more convenient to use LG drive rather than Samsung to rip DVDs

No, such a low speed would suggest that DMA is not enabled for the drive. DMA needs to be enabled.

Dave. Thanks for that, as you probably know DMA setting in XP is rather obscure. I am now getting rip speeds of up to 8.1x which seems a lot healthier. I am using NOAD firmware

RiData RitekG04 4x DVD-R
Nero Burning Rom
GSA-4120B A102 oem

4x burn took 15 minutes which seems good, but verification took 20 minutes. Is there something wrong with the disc like correctable read errors? Should I worry about faster degradation over time?

Nero showed just one error, but all my other files look fine. I have no other drives that are good for testing. I got KProbe 1.1.29 but seems useless–I’ll have to readup on it.

Also the disc only shows a 4.5gb capacity. It should be 4.7gb. Where has the 205mb gone? That’s a lot missing.

I usualy do not let Nero verify the disk which normally produces perfect burns a lot faster. With regard to the actual space available on a blank DVD see the following for an explanation http://www.infocellar.com/DVD/capacity.htm
Hope this helps

Look at this way. 4.3GB is 4,472MB is 4579,328 KB is 4,689,231,872 Bytes.

There is an FAQ here as well.


I don’t quite understand about not verifying. Doesn’t Nero burn first and verification follows? If you don’t verify, how do you know if what you burned is complete good? In my case, I found an error.

Thanks for the capacity info. I had thought the measurements had the same correctness as CD-R’s seem to. I now have to redo my cost-benefit comparisons.

I usually verify disk by seeing if they work! Once burning has taken place verification seems a bit pointless. Simulated burn stops you wasting the disk if it fails. However that takes as long as verifying

I verify also by direct inspection but not all of my stuff can be verified easily.

I recently read about simulation in Nero and I thought it was interesting in regards to when it should be used:

The simulation runs all the steps involved in burning a medium apart from activating the laser beam, so that you can assume that if the simulation is successful, the burning process will also be successful.

We recommend running a simulation if you are decompressing data before burning, e.g. when burning an audio CD from MP3 files. To play MP3 files on a CD player, the files have to be converted to the corresponding format (CDA). In Nero, this decompression takes place during the burning process. It takes up computer time, which can result in a buffer underrun on older systems. Pentium 3 systems or higher can decompress data and burn at high speeds simultaneously.

Note: You do not need to run simulations if you are using a recorder with buffer underrun protection.