DVD rip software for Linux

I have just installed Ubuntu Linux and I am wondering if there are similar software like DVD-Decrypter, Imgburn, AutoGK Etc… for Linux. Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations?


check http://www.sourceforge.net and http://freshmeat.net/

Have you looked at Wine? You can run pretty much every windows ripping program under Wine. DVDFab, DVD Decrypter, Imgburn, Shrink. etc. I’ve used all of these with Ubuntu. There are Linux rip and burn programs, check your docs or the Ubuntu forums, but if you’re comfortable with the windows programs, run them under Wine.

thanks, I will try wine. It’s nice to know that I can use DVD-decrypter and AutoGK on Linux too!!

Good news for you Adina if you read this in time. Codeweavers is offering a free download of Crossover (a commercialized version of Wine) free today, the 28th, only. Their servers are jammed but you can fill out a little form for a registration code and they will email it to you.
There are two version available for Linux (and Mac), a pro version and a game version, you’ll probably be able to get only one, I haven’t tried it myself yet. Here’s a link

I have tried imgburn with wine now, but when I want to burn an image it says “no writers detected”… I have one DVD-ROM and one burner. Both of them is working with ubuntu and I made an image with imgburn from a disc in the DVD-ROM, but when I try to burn it with the DVD-burner I get the error message. Can anyone please give me some tips on how to make this work?

Imgburn will probably only work with SATA writers in wine, not the older (and most popular) IDE DVD writers.

SATA is detected and utilised by linux as SCSI devices, so programs/hardware using SCSI commands will work fine in linux.

I’m not familiar with ubuntu, but the software package manager should allow a search for DVD rip software.

You will need to include decss components also.

It’s been a while since I’ve used wine and you should really check the ubuntu forums for information because I don’t think there are many linux users here. The problem is not with the drive interface as Debro suggests because my drives are ide and they work fine.
This is from a linux forum:

Go to wine’s configuration screen then click on the drives tab.

Now click the autodetect button.

Your dvd/cd drive should now show up…but your not finished.

Click on the drive letter of your dvd/cd and then click the advanced settings.

Make sure that the drive is set to cd-rom and not hard drive.

When finished click apply and imgburn should detect your drive then!

OK, you have [B]u[/B]buntu which uses the Gnome desktop environment and may have GnomeBaker already installed.

I prefer KDE which is the DE that [B]k[/B]ubuntu uses and it usually has the much-loved K3B built-in.

Presently experimenting with this and have had much success with the little guy :
For a Windows refugee such as myself, this distro (4.1) blew my socks off with it’s capabilities.

I’ve verified that Versions & versions work fine with IDE drives.
Somehow I’ve had Version installed, but it’s been running version from somewhere?

There’s no difference between any of the connection methods drives can use from a programmers point of view, they all stick to supporting the MMC command set.

If ImgBurn can’t find your drive under Wine then it’s a problem with Wine, not ImgBurn.

Post 8 tells you how to correct it.