DVD Rip questzions

Hi Freaks out there,

i have questions about how to rip my DVD-Films which i have bought in the shop.
Because my kids using the DVDs often , i fear that sometimes they will perhaps scratch the DVDs and then i cannot play them anymore.
So i wanna make some copies if the original dvd is unusable.

  1. How can i copy my (bought original) DVDs ?
    Any freeware programs out there ?
  2. How can i burn this Backup dvd ?
    Any freeware programs out there?
    i just jhave pinnacle stuff e.g. PinnacleCopy etc.
  3. What about regional code or decryption ?

i have windows Xp, AMD athlon64 3000+ , 512 MB


Did you have a look here:
It is our tutorials section…