DVD rip question!

Hi all

I am having problems copying across Video / music from a DVD to my PC and then transfering to a Zen Video M

We are using Fab DVd Platinum and saving as wmv files, but although we get the video coming across, there is no audio at all!

I am very new to all this, so i am sure I am doing something dumb

Can anyone help, please??

Many thanks


Hi Kol and welcome to CD Freaks
Hopefully one of the Mod’s will transfer this to the DVDFab section where you can get better help


Indeed I will. :slight_smile: Transferring…

Thank you Mike :smiley:

Hi, Kol. Sorry you’re having trouble. I think we’ll need a little more information to be able to help you. What version of DVDFab Platinum are you using? Unless I have missed something, WMV is not a file output option in Fab. There are two Zen profiles in Platinum’s PVP section of DVD to Mobile; I’m not sure what the requirements of the Zen M are but I would think one of them should work. Have you tried those yet?

Hi thanks for your response!

We have DVD Fab platinum on eval at present

I am trying the Zen vision output and I shall let you know how I fare as it progresses over the next 80 minutes or so!!

Looks like its working okay - many thanks for your help!!!


Hi Kol
Glad you got things worked out :smiley:

Glad it worked for you Kol.:slight_smile: Now you know where to find us thanks to Stormjumper, so don’t be a stranger.