DVD Rip Question on Pressed Discs

Question for the experts…

Whats the deal with Disc Read Speed on pressed discs? I have posted 2 scans below, 1 from an older 16X DVD-Rom drive and 1 from my NEC 3520 with hacked firmware (riplock removed) - in both cases the read rate is slow. Is this typical for movies? The read rate on burnt DVD’s is about 2x as fast as pressed DVD’s - but it doesn’t make it to 16x either.

These two scans were done on the same system, and just in cast it comes into question here at the systems specs:
Asus P5B Motherboard
Intel E6600 processor
Seagate 250GB Sata 3.0 drive
2GB Memory

DMA Settings according to the control panel:
Primary IDE (would this be the hard drive even though its SATA??) - UDMA Mode 5
Secondary IDE Device 0 - UDMA Mode 3
Secondary IDE Device 1 - UDMA Mode 2

Are these results typical? Any reason to suspect newer drives would give faster reads?

Scans below - both from the same disc, 2 different drives

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